Cashmere - 2020
Cashmere - 2020
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Cashmere - 2020

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It's official, we're growing Cashmere! Six acres to be exact. Why Cashmere? Well we're all in on the public breeding train and Cashmere has been leading the charge. Out of the three public varieties that hit the market in 2018 (Cashmere, Triple Pearl, and Tahoma), Cashmere seems to be the most useful. It thrives as an aroma hop and gives Citrus and Melon type characteristics to the beer. 

Every time we've brought in Cashmere from the Pacific Northwest it has sold out and we're hoping to build the same type of reputation for it here in Michigan. Cashmere is available in 11 lb boxes only, and is limited in volume this year. Pick up a box and let us know how it performs. We're growing this hop for the long term. 

Alpha - 8.3%

Beta - 4.5%

HSI - 0.27

Total Oil - 9.90 mL/100g

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