Triumph - 2020
Triumph - 2020
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Triumph - 2020

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We're excited to introduce Triumph to our customers. This hop has spent 18 years in the USDA public breeding trials and rose to the top due to its bazooka bubble gum type aroma, picking ability, and resistance to disease. 

It has been very successful when used in lagers and pale ales but overall it has got some growing to do in the public market. This is our first year growing Triumph and our volume is extremely limited. We only have a few boxes for sale and if it sells out on our website that means you'll have to wait until next year. 

Alpha - 8.2%

Beta - 3.0%

HSI - 0.29

Total Oil - 0.60mL/100g

Read up on Triumph 

Article on the USDA Trials on Triumph and developer John Henning 

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