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Bringing high quality processed hops to the midwest.

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Our Experience

MI Local Hops is dedicated to being a part of the movement to re-vitalize the rich heritage of Michigan grown hops. In joint venture with Empire Hop Farms, which specializes in custom farming and trellis installations, MI Local Hops broke ground on its 200 acre hop farm located in Williamsburg, MI in May of 2015.
The land had been an unused golf course that sat vacant for close to 7 years. It’s located on M-72 about a mile west of Grand Traverse Resort and Lake Michigan. The farm is 6 miles away from downtown Traverse City.
The farm has full processing, pelletizing, blending, and cold storage capabilities. In November of 2015 MI Local hops broke ground on its 30,000 square foot harvesting facility. This facility is currently capable of processing over 350,000 pounds of hops in a harvest season and is home to two WOLF 1000 hop picking machines as well as state of the art driers and conditioning systems.
Adjacent to the harvest facility is the 15,000 square foot cold storage and pelletizing facility. The pelletizing and packaging process line has been engineered to produce optimum quality product and the cold storage facility is specifically designed for baled and pelletized hops. In the off-season local businesses will be able to use the cold storage for their food products.
MI Local Hops completed it’s second full harvest on September 17th 2017. We will be pelletizing hops from October 8th thru the first week of December 2018.
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Our Clients

Well known clients from all over the world.

Bell's Brewery
Founders Brewing Co.
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Sun King
New Holland Brewing Co.
Grand River Brewery
The Filling Station Microbrewery
Shorts Brewing
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Hop Lot Brewing Company
Jolly Pumpkin 308x287
Beards Brewery
Lake Ann Brewing Co

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